Profile – Hints & Tips

Big Tips

  • Use Chrome to build your profile
  • DON ’T FORGET – the most complete profiles will feature higher in the search results – so use your % score on the first page to maximise your exposure
  • Ensure the images you wish to use are ones that you have the right to use on a public website and that they are a good resolution. For fast page loading speed we recommend around 200KB. You won’t be able to upload any larger than 5MB.

Email Address

Email address in Account Information is a unique email address that is the administrator email address – not the one that clients see. If there is already a profile set up with this email address it won’t let you register another one with it.


The email address in contacts is the email address clients will see. Add a generic email address for enquiries here. If someone moves on or is on holiday, at least the enquiry will still get through. You can add multiple contacts so if you have different people for different areas or even just a large team of sales contacts, put all of the contact details on your profile.

Website URL

For the web address you MUST type in http:// before www. If you don’t it won’t save.

Cover Photo

We suggest you use an image that is representative of the destination and ideally your services within it. This will appear as long banner across the top of your profile page.

Destination Descriptions, Images, and Location Specifics

Your Company Introduction is shown in large font so capture planners with a bold statement

The Company Description should have key words such as your location and if you are a DMC or Representation company you can add the areas you cover. For airlines you can add your key routes.

Adding Destinations - DMC & CVB only

To select a city/region destination to your page you need to add the city first to bring up the country. E.g to select South Africa start typing a key city e.g. Cape Town. Here you can add descriptions, images and activities and planners will be using these locations to search for you. The more info the better your completion %.

The destinations will appear on your profile in the order that you add them so put your key destinations first. By adding a city you are adding a sub page for that city. If you don’t want a sub page for that city, don’t select it. You can add it later if you want to.

Activities - DMC & CVB only

For DMCs and CVBs add activities to the city/region pages. Inspire planners with an idea of the types of activities you can do in the locations you operate in. These activities will also show on Destination Guides and will link back to your profile page – a great way to be found.


Pictures paint a thousand words and with planners now being inspired more than ever by imagery – this is the place to get seen. We recommend images are around 200KB in size for faster page loading.

TIP* If the images are high res, then load a few at a time to avoid crashing your page

Link your Company

Link your company – Ensure you are linked to your DMC or Representation company or Global Sales office for hotels.

Add Links or Documents

Add documents – You will have images, brochures, floor plans and insurance certificates that are constantly being asked for. Upload them here.

% Complete and Likes

Tip: To rank higher ensure your profile is as complete as possible and ask planners to Like your profile.

Meet us at...

Let planners know where they can meet you in the year by adding key trade shows. Currently we support IMEX, The Meetings Show and inVOYAGE. If the trade show or event provides a short code to make an appointment with you then add it as a link.


Planners like to know they are in good company. Add recommendations from satisfied client. Remember to get their permission if you are going to name them.

micebook icon for e-mail signature

Download a micebook email icon and add it to you other social media handles in your email signature. Then link the icon to your profile page so planners can find your information easily. Click here for different icon types.

Destination Guides

Destination guides will pull the best supplier profiles in that destination.

Make sure activities are filled out as this another way to be found.

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